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Enjoy Life Slowly Interview Series

Are you too busy, too stressed and too overwhelmed by everything you are supposed to do, be and own?
Are you so busy rushing around connecting, consuming and competing that you don’t have time for the important things in life?
Then the answer is to slow down and simplify and in this Enjoy Life Slowly interview series you’ll find out from the people who know, exactly how to get your life back in control.
These interviews were conducted in the field and the quality of the conversation may be better than the quality of the audio.


Finding Your Purpose & Passion

  • Greg Mckeown is a social innovator, public speaker and the New York Times and Wall Street  Journal best-selling author of Essentialism. In this interview he discusses how you can design your life happy and his new project EssentialLive.
  • Colin Wright is a prolific author, blogger, international speaker and co-founder of Asymmetrical Press. He is also an expert on simplifying your life to have time to do more of what you love. Listen here.
  • Corbett Barr  – Corbett has many excellent tips on not only how to simplify your thinking, but also how to work out what you really want out of life. Corbett is CEO of Fizzle as well as a well known blogger, podcaster and entrepreneur.
  • Mohmed Tohami – Mohamed will show you how to follow your passion and find your true purpose at Midway Simplicity


Simplifying Your Finances

Simple Living


  • Joshua Becker – Joshua is one of the foremost bloggers on how to find happiness and purpose in life by concentrating on people and experiences, rather than possessions. If you want to be inspired by just what you can achieve with a sense of purpose and focus, then go to Becoming Minimalist.
  • Brian Gardner – Brian is famous for revolutionizing the web and introducing the idea of simplicity in web design. But Brian also has awesome advice for work, life and soul at Nosidebar.
  • Raam Dev – Raam is an amazing writer who covers a wide variety of subjects including simplicity at Raam Dev.
  • Anthony Ongaro – Anthony’s blog Break The Twitch started as a record of his move away from excessive consumerism but now has become a wonderful resource on how to repurpose your time and money towards a richer life experience.
  • Emily Torres – Emily writes beautifully about happiness, simplicity, health & well-being at Minimal Millennial.
  • Masha And Michael  – write wonderfully about so much more than just veganism and minimalism at The Minimalist Vegan that if you are neither, it’s still worth a visit.
  • Marco Laberge – Marco’s blog Towards Minimalism  has many great tips on how to live more thoughtfully and less stressed.
  • Chris Wray – Chris shows how simplifying your life can lead you to reinvent yourself and completely change your life at Two Less Things.
  • Rachel Jones shows how minimalism can lead to a simpler, more fulfilling life at Nourishing Minimalism.


  • Donna Smallin Kuper is a recognised expert in how to declutter your home, life and mind to find greater happiness at Unclutter.
  • Robert Wall – Robert is a reformed packrat who has been showing people how to simplify their possessions and lives for many years. Now he’s focusing on showing people how to declutter at Cluttered To Clean

Simplifying Parenting

  • Betsy Henry runs the wonderful site Zen Mama where you can find out how to let go, stop worrying and get closer to your kids. Betsy’s wonderful approach works for other relationships too.
  • Lenore Skenazy – Lenore’s Free Range Kids movement needs no introduction to most people. Find out her radical but at the same time, common sense approach at Free Range Kids.
  • Ashley Trexler – Ashley has strong opinion’s on how to simplify parenting over at Lies About Parenting that can help you gain your sanity in a world of over-parenting.
  • Adrian Crook – Adrian will show you how to live with 5 children in an small urban space and still be big on happiness at 5 Kids 1 Condo.


Slow Movement

Upcoming Interviews:

  • Greg Mckeown, New York Times best selling author  of Essentialism.

Our 2015 interview series is winding down, but we will be back with a new series next year.

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