Top Six Items For Backpacking Europe

When you decide to go on a backpacking adventure around Europe, there’s not a lot you can bring along with you. You must choose very wisely between things you need to bring along and things you want to bring along. Here are some of the best items a backpacker can pack:

1) Eurrail Pass

Every backpacker has got to have a Eurrail pass. This allows for cheap, efficient travel from city to city. They offer a great discount for youth under 26 and you can custom pick a package deal to best suit your travel needs.

2) The Backpack

Choose your backpack wisely — it’ll be your best friend and worst enemy. You’ll be lugging it around with you for the duration of your trip with all your precious goods inside. Make sure it has a waist-band to eliminate carrying all the weight on your shoulders. I bought my backpack from and made sure to check out all the pros and cons on the reviews to ensure it was going to be “the one.”

3) Organizer Folder

If I lost my folder or never thought to pack one, I’m pretty sure I would have been doomed. I booked all my hostels in advance and in my folder I kept all my reservation dates, hostel receipts, and a print-out image from Google Maps of the quickest route from the train station to my hostel. I purchased Rick Steves’ “Best of Europe” Book and just ripped out the pages with the guides of the cities I was planning on visiting, paper clipped them together, and discarded them after I was done with the city.

4) Money Belt

Europe has some of the world’s best pick-pocketers, notably in places like Paris and Rome. If you want to avoid having your priceless passport or money stolen, buy a $20 money belt. They fit smoothly against your waist and no one will be able to tell you’re wearing one let alone try to pick-pocket something under your shirt! I wore my money belt out and about, sleeping in my bed, and kept it hanging in my stall while taking a shower.

5) Electrical Adapters

I felt sorry for any backpacker I met from America who didn’t realize Europe has different electrical sockets than ours! An electrical adapter plugs into the wall and then you plug your electrical device in to the adapter to get power. Another important thing to consider is Europe has a different voltage than the United States. Plugging a standard American 110 volt hair dryer into a 240 volt European socket might scorch your hair to smithereens! Make sure your electrical devices are dual voltage.

6) Camera and Camera Bag

Buy a compact digital camera that takes decent photos in addition to a protective camera bag. In addition to storing my camera, I used my camera bag to store small amounts of money to have quick access to. I would recommend against bringing a DSLR camera because they are bulky and more likely to get stolen.

Backpacking Europe was one of the funnest things I have done for myself and I highly recommend it for any inquisitive and adventurous traveler. What you bring can really impact the quality of your trip, so pack wisely!

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